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Re-Engineer your Beliefs to Fly

“Information that isn’t continuously useful gets forgotten” said the neuroscientist. This got me thinking, in my typical fashion of pondering ways to apply neuroscientific understanding to our real life. Whilst the neuroscientist’s statement is nothing new to me, in terms of cellar atrophy and neuroplasticity, nor even novel in terms of behaviour (“use it orContinue reading “Re-Engineer your Beliefs to Fly”

Forming Identity — Beliefs & Biology

We take on aspects of identity at varying levels. You likely include things like your race and gender as part of the “who” that you are, but also perhaps your math ability, your dried flower collection, your preference for yellow sneakers… [This is a politics-free article] Belief Systems — keep it real The identity comesContinue reading “Forming Identity — Beliefs & Biology”