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“When the unexpected occurs, those waiting for new order will lose. But those that react faster..will win” —Auftragstaktik with @seabass.dv — #HamburgHafen #u434 #Submarine #TorpedoRoom #ColdWar #nofilter #SteampunkStyle #HighContrast #Eerie

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Downtime and Morality

My last week has been a bit different to my usual. For one, I’ve up in the mountains with my 1.5 year old nephew, who demands attention veritably every waking second, and who punishes lapses of attention with a level of disorder and destruction seemingly disproportionate to his range of ability. For two, Corona vanished,Continue reading “Downtime and Morality”

The Lost Art of Giving (or, how to fail x-mas)

How hard can it be to give a gift? You buy something notionally cool ($→Bezos), wrap it in coloured bark, and set it in the hands of the recipient. Done. But then, evaluatations…Judgements! Yes, we as a social species are painfully complicated when it comes to interactions between two individual. Beyond the classic “Will itContinue reading “The Lost Art of Giving (or, how to fail x-mas)”

“You got caught in the crossfire, in real time, From the left to right, to left, to the right : in real time” —House of Light

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