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About Me

a psychologist with itchy feet;
a traveller with an itchy mind.
And that’s just scratching the surface.

I’ve got a multicultural background and pursued an interdisciplinary education. So I explode with ideas trying to connect all the dots. Yet I’m surprisingly bad at pub trivia.

In all honesty, pinning all the ideas down into a one-liner was difficult. “Wandering Mindfullness” fits well enough.

To give something more concrete, I’ve landed in the wide-reaching field of psychology for this phase of my life. At the time of writing I’m even in my homeland.

This blog is for anyone looking to open their mind a little, to look inside the funny little workings behind the scenes.

It’s for anyone who’s travelled into new lands, noticed something unique, and wondered why “their” way seems so different. (Quick riddle: who’s foreign? You, they, or their way?).

Despite some deep, sometimes heavy topics, I aim to keep it entertaining. But feel free not to laugh —  I’m told my sense of humour is pretty weird.


Published by WanderingMindfulness

The peripatetic psychologist - old wisdom, new perspectives 🐾️

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