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Machine Reboot

A quick post first, to allow the boot sequence to finish.

In a groansomely predictable cliché, this blog enjoyed an initial burst of creative output, and within a couple of months withered into idle obscurity.

just like 99%* of all other blogs.

Well let’s see if I can’t proceed beyond this cliche.

Inspired in part by what a capitalist might call a “competitor“, what a humanist might call a “kindred soul“, I intend on moving more of my private thoughts and musings online, here.

Oh my, the threat of scrutiny is terrifying. How will my Ego survive?

Less melodramatically, further blog activity may come from snippets and links to other sites – science articles and worthy opinion pieces – since the internet seems more about repurposing information than creating new knowledge or art. Let’s test out that cliché.

Notwithstanding, I’ll see to it that I maintain focus on original creative output here.

To any unwavering readership continuing with me through this re-boot, thankyou and long-time, no-see.

*(made-up statistic, overgeneralisation of a real statistic that I won’t bother sourcing right now)


Published by WanderingMindfulness

The peripatetic psychologist - old wisdom, new perspectives 🐾️

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